20 Top Faceless YouTube Channels

The world of YouTube is vast, diverse, and continually expanding. However, amidst the endless sea of popular vloggers and celebrities, a unique breed of YouTube content creators has made a significant impact without ever showing their faces. 

These are the Top Faceless YouTube Channels who’ve risen to prominence through voiceovers, animations, video gameplay, and more. Today, we will delve into the fascinating realm of these unseen digital sensations. 

So, sit back and discover the top 20 faceless YouTube channels that have left indelible marks on this platform.


With over 15 million subscribers, HowToBasic tops the list for the most outlandish and unexpected content. The creator, who remains faceless, shares eccentric ‘how-to’ videos, typically culminating in an egg-smashing frenzy.

Source: HowToBasic

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

If you love science and learning about the world, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell is your perfect faceless YouTube channel. The team behind the channel creates vividly animated videos that explain complex scientific concepts understandably and engagingly.

Source: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


CinemaSins is a popular YouTube channel that humorously critiques films for their continuity errors, plot holes, and cinematic tropes. The creators remain unseen, but their voices and witty commentaries make the channel a must-watch for any film lover.

Source: CinemaSins 

CGP Grey

CGP Grey is another educational channel with high-quality animations. The creator, known only as Grey, explains diverse topics such as politics, history, and geography, making the complex seem simple and exciting.

Source: CGP Grey


Part of the Vsauce network, Vsauce3 is run by Jake Roper, who stays behind the camera. He explores fictional worlds from movies, video games, and comics, blending science and storytelling to create fascinating content.

Source: Vsauce3


Swaggersouls is a highly popular YouTuber known for his gameplay and commentary videos. Despite never showing his face, he has a distinct character with a medieval helmet, which has become his virtual face. His comedic commentary paired with gameplay, often in collaboration with other YouTubers, has drawn a large following.

Source: Swaggersouls


TierZoo takes a unique approach, treating the animal kingdom like a massive video game, with various species representing various’ builds.’ The channel offers a fun, educational spin on wildlife, making it engaging for all age groups.

Source: TierZoo

Binging with Babish

Although Andrew Rea, the creator of Binging with Babish, isn’t entirely faceless, he’s recognized for primarily focusing the camera on his kitchen set-up and the food he’s preparing. This channel is a must-follow for anyone interested in cooking and food from popular culture.

Source: Binging with Babish


ChilledCow, now known as Lofi Girl, has gained immense popularity by streaming lo-fi hip-hop music perfect for studying, relaxing, or working. The channel features an animated girl, but the creator remains faceless.

Source: ChilledCow


MagnatesMedia is a rapidly growing channel known for its insightful and engaging discussions on economic trends, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. The faceless creator offers in-depth analysis and advice on various financial topics, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in understanding the world of finance.

Source: MagnatesMedia

You Suck at Cooking

This faceless channel uses humour and creativity to present cooking untraditional yet entertainingly. You Suck at Cooking offers hilarious commentary and quirky recipes.

Source: You Suck at Cooking


TheOdd1sOut is an animated storytelling channel where the creator, James, shares comical anecdotes from his life. His distinctive animation style and humour make it an engaging watch.

Source: TheOdd1sOut


A faceless YouTuber known for his insightful and informed discussions about hip hop, BlackySpeakz has garnered a significant audience. His in-depth analyses of various trends, controversies, and artists within the rap industry are well-researched and thoughtful, making him a go-to source for many hip hop fans.

Source: BlackySpeakz

Sorrow TV

Sorrow TV is a popular channel known for reading out Reddit posts in a variety of amusing voices. The creator has remained faceless throughout his YouTube career, adding an aura of mystery.

Source: Sorrow TV

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations is a channel that shares personal stories and thoughts through engaging animations. The creator, Jaiden, uses her talents as an animator and storyteller to connect with her audience.

Source: Jaiden Animations

Company Man

Company Man is a faceless YouTube channel that focuses on the history, stories, and analysis of various companies. The channel explores the rise and fall of businesses, delves into their marketing strategies, and provides insights into the inner workings of well-known brands.

With thorough research and engaging storytelling, Company Man offers a fascinating perspective on the corporate world.

Source: Company Man


oldFusion is a faceless YouTube channel that explores the intersection of technology, business, and design. With a focus on innovation and the latest trends, the channel provides in-depth analyses of companies, products, and emerging technologies. ColdFusion offers a thought-provoking look at how these factors shape our world.

Source: ColdFusion


Lemmino creates high-quality documentary-style videos on various subjects, from space exploration to mysteries. The faceless creator meticulously researches each topic, ensuring an enlightening viewing experience.

Source: Lemmino


Grandayy is a channel known for its hilarious meme compilations and music parodies. The person behind it has successfully remained anonymous, letting the fun content speak for itself.

Source: Grandayy

Primitive Technology

Primitive Technology showcases a man building things in the wild using only primitive tools and techniques. The faceless creator’s silence and the sounds of nature make this channel a soothing and captivating watch.

Source: Primitive Technology


While being faceless on YouTube might seem unconventional, these 20 channels prove it’s not a barrier to success. These creators have used their creativity, talent, and passion to connect with their audience and make a lasting impact. Whether you’re interested in gaming, learning, cooking, or just a good laugh, there’s a faceless YouTube channel for you. So why wait? Dive into this unseen world of YouTube and start exploring today!


What is a faceless YouTube channel?

A faceless YouTube channel is one where the content creator does not show their face in their videos. They might present their content using animations, gameplay, voiceovers, or other creative methods.

Why do some YouTubers choose to remain faceless?

Some YouTubers choose to remain faceless for various reasons. This might include privacy concerns, creating a unique brand identity, or focusing the audience’s attention on the content rather than the creator.

Who are some of the top faceless YouTube channels?

Some of the top faceless YouTube channels include ASMR Darling, HowToBasic, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, CinemaSins, CGP Grey, Vsauce3, Oversimplified, and more.

Are faceless YouTube channels popular?

Yes, many faceless YouTube channels have amassed millions of subscribers and views. Their popularity proves that personal charisma and creative content can attract audiences without revealing the creator’s face.

Can I start a faceless YouTube channel?

Absolutely! Many successful YouTubers have remained faceless. It’s all about creating engaging, quality content that resonates with your audience.

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